Who Is Brad Schreiber and Why, for the Love of God, Has He Done This?


BRAD SCHREIBER is an author, journalist, producer, consultant and the creator of the arts journalism Web log ACriticalMoment.com.

For some inexplicable reason, he intermittently wrote a column entitled “Development Hell” in Entertainment Today, the oldest, though by no means the best weekly newspaper in Los Angeles, California, since 1995. The column, as well as the print version of ET, have gone the way of all flesh.

Out of sheer rage, self-aggrandizement or a lack of compelling programming on TV, he has taken his most offensive, florid and/or arcane professional journalism and put it on this site, along with a smattering of his mental spatterings from such publications as Daily Variety, Script Magazine and the venerable but defunct Los Angeles Reader. He has even recycled some of his current work from Huffington Post, although clearly his approach is haphazard.

He has also written books on topics like the most humiliating things to happen during live theatre, forensically detailed descriptions of the violent undoings of Southern California celebrities, phony world records made to sound plausible, the twisted psychology of major rock music icons and other topics too offensive, unflattering or unrelated to the subject of arts journalism to mention at this juncture.

If you are so damn interested, visit www.brashcyber.com.

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